Protected Disclosures Bill, 2014

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Protected Disclosures Bill, 2014


The Discussion paper gives an overview of the current legislation in the Cayman Islands and how persons are protected under legislation in some other jurisdictions.

Terms of Reference

The Law Reform Commission ("LRC") in carrying out its mandate to make the laws of the Islands more responsive to the changing needs of our society, submits with this discussion paper a Protected Disclosures Bill. The objects of the Bill are to-

  1. facilitate and encourage the making, in a responsible manner, of disclosures of improper conduct;
  2. protect persons who make specified disclosures from being subjected to detrimental action;
  3. regulate the receiving, investigating or otherwise dealing with disclosures of improper conduct;
  4. provide protection to the person and the property of the person making the protected disclosure; and
  5. compensate the person making protected disclosures from damages suffered by him as a result of making such disclosures.