Matrimonial Clauses Bill, 2013

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Matrimonial Causes Bill, 2013


A bill for a law to reform the law relating to the dissolution and nullity of marriage and judicial separation; to abolish actions for adultery; to provide for counselling with a view to facilitating reconciliation in matrimonial causes; and, in relation thereto, for matters connected with the parental rights and the guardianship of children; to repeal the Matrimonial Causes Law (2005 Revision); and for incidental and connected purposes.

Terms of Reference

The Law Reform Commission submits for public comment the second part of its review of the laws regulating family matters and proceedings in the Cayman Islands. A discussion paper, a Matrimonial Clauses Bill, 2013 are the documents which comprise this review.

This paper is the second discussion paper relating to the family law reform currently being undertaken by the Law Reform Commission. In the first discussion paper ("the 2011 paper") the need for certain areas of reform were discussed and the public was asked to submit comments on a variety of matters.

A draft Matrimonial Causes Bill and Maintenance Bill were sent in May 2012 for preliminary comments to two local attorneys who are well-known and respected local practitioners, Ms. Karin Thompson and Mr. David McGrath. Their views were taken into account in the re-draft of the legislation and the Commission thanks them for their invaluable input.

The Bills were prepared after consideration by the Commission of comments received to the 2011 discussion paper on family law reform, other submissions to the Commission and the recommendations in the 2012 Report relating to the Islandsí legislative compliance with the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.

Members of the public are invited to submit their comments on the Bills and the discussion paper. Submissions should be made no later than 11th November, 2013 and should be posted to the Director, Law Reform Commission, P.O. Box 1999 KY1-1104, delivered by hand to the offices of the Commission at 1st floor DMS House, Genesis Close or sent by e-mail to