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Published 30th January 2006, 2:47pm

A pioneering review committee has set for itself an ambitious programme over the next couple of years.

The Law Reform Commission, which was established on 1 May 2005, commenced work on 16 September last year with the setting of a wide-ranging review programme by the five Commissioners.

The Commission has met three times since work commenced in September. The next meeting of the Commission is scheduled for Friday 3 February.

"Cayman is among the world's leading financial centres and it is therefore paramount that our laws and legal system should endeavour to remain contemporary. Political and social stability, and a significant and modern communications and financial infrastructure mean nothing unless we have the necessary and relevant laws available to members of our legal profession so they can advise their clients properly," the Attorney General, Hon. Sam Bulgin, QC, told the Commissioners when they met with him last year.

Mr Bulgin, who termed the Commissioners 'pioneers', explained they would be responsible for developing new areas in the law, codifying unwritten laws and examining the underlying causes of dissatisfaction with any law or its administration.

The Commission intends over the next two or more years to examine 15 areas of the law, outlined by the Senior Legislative Counsel Cheryl Ann Neblett who heads the Commission's office.

The areas are evidence; corruption; contempt of court; proceeds of crime; alternative sentencing; juvenile justice; regulation of legal practitioners; legal aid; consumer protection; maintenance, affiliation and matrimonial causes; landlord and tenant legislation; and children's legislation.

A number of individuals, including attorneys-at-law, persons from rental agencies and the Chamber of Commerce have been consulted so far.

"The public is reminded that its contributions on any subject on the legislative programme would be greatly appreciated by the Commission," Ms Neblett said.

The Commission has commenced work on the reform of a number of matters which include the Landlord and Tenant legislation, the Legal Practitioners Bill and the Legal Aid Bill.

The Commissioners are: Mr. Nigel Clifford, QC, Chairman; Mr. Langston Sibblies; Mr. Andrew Jones, QC; Ms Cheryll Richards (Solicitor General); and Ms Eileen Nervik.

Commenting that the Commission was a "welcome development", Chairman Clifford had said following the meeting with Mr. Bulgin, "We will work closely with the Attorney General in promoting the development of new laws and reforming current ones. The commission represents a wide cross section within the legal profession. We are also able to draw on other expert knowledge, if needed, by establishing committees to deal with specific issues."

Persons wishing to contact the Commission office are informed that it is located on the third floor of Anderson Square, George Town with its telephone numbers as 244-2365 and 244-2336.

"People can give their ideas in writing or call and discuss it with one of the Commissioners. There is no set form for written submissions and a letter addressed to the Law Reform Administrator will suffice," Ms Neblett said.