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The Attorney General, the Hon. Samuel Bulgin

Published 1st August 2007, 2:42pm

Members of the public are offered one final opportunity to comment on the draft Legal Practitioners Bill 2007 and the Law Reform Commission's report on the bill, which are available on the Government's and the Judicial and Legal websites. The closing date for submitting comments, which may be transmitted by email or delivered to the Government Administration Building, is Friday, 24 August.

The Law Reform Commission recently concluded its work on the review of the Legal Practitioners Law. The Commissioners' report, together with a draft bill, was submitted to the Governor-in-Cabinet for consideration.

After consideration, Cabinet agreed that, before it makes a final determination on the matter, the public should be afforded one final opportunity to comment on the report and the bill.

Accordingly, the report and bill are out for further public review on the Government as well on the Judicial and Legal websites. The address of the Judicial and Legal website is The address of the Government website is

The Attorney General, the Hon. Samuel Bulgin, noted: "This proposed new law, if enacted in its current form, will bring about fundamental changes that will affect the entire legal profession in this jurisdiction. It is therefore of paramount importance that members of this profession as well as others provide comments so that the Government can feel assured that in going forward with the legislation, as many views as possible would have been taken into account. Persons are therefore being encouraged to send in their comments by the deadline date of 24 August."

Comments should be sent via email to the office of the Attorney General, to Ms. Tesia Scott at, or delivered to the Attorney General's Chambers, 4th Floor, Government Administration Building.

Persons wishing to submit comments on the bill are reminded that the draft bill should not be scanned then altered or marked-up and then submitted. Instead, the comments should be submitted in written form.