Appeals Tribunals 29 December, 2021

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Published 29th December 2021, 3:43pm

The Law Reform Commission (“the Commission”) invites stakeholders and members of the general public to comment on the issues identified in the Discussion Paper (“the Paper”) titled “Appeals Tribunals” and, in particular, to submit their views on the recommendations presented for discussion.

The Paper is prepared in response to a referral by the Honourable Attorney General aimed at determining whether a centralised appeals tribunal should be established in substitution for the current arrangements for separate appeal tribunals for planning, immigration, labour and other administrative matters.

There has been a global trend in recent decades to consolidate individual specialist tribunals and create a centralised tribunal for hearing administrative appeals.

The Paper examines the current landscape of tribunals in the Cayman Islands, reforms undertaken in other jurisdictions and the arguments for and against such reforms. It also outlines options for reform and makes recommendations for the establishment of a centralised administrative appeals tribunal in the Cayman Islands.

The Paper may be viewed on the following websites: or or a copy may be collected from the Offices of the Commission.

Submissions should be forwarded no later than 15th March, 2022 to the Director of the Commission either (a) electronically to or (b) in writing, by post or hand delivered to the Office of the Commission on the 4th Floor, Government Administration Building, Portfolio of Legal Affairs, 133 Elgin Avenue, George Town, Grand Cayman, P.O. Box 136, Grand Cayman KY1-9000.

Discussion Paper:

Appeals Tribunals - Discussion Paper 13 December, 2021