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Published 27th September 2017, 4:0pm

Attached for public comment is a short paper on the regulation of accomplice evidence (“Queen’s Evidence) and a Bill entitled the “Criminal Justice (Offenders Assisting Investigations and Prosecutions) Bill, 2017.

This area of review was brought to our attention by the DPP, one of our members as well as by public comments on the need to find varied ways of stemming the growth of crime in the Islands. The main precedent was the UK Serious Organised Crime and Police Act, 2005. Also considered in depth was the Criminal Justice (Plea Negotiations and Agreements) Act of 2005 of Jamaica before its recent amendments.

We are seeking comments on the need for statutory regulation of such types of evidence and, if there is such a need, whether we should adopt the UK approach taken in the Bill which deals with the evidence of accomplices or provides for plea negotiations similar to those in the USA and Jamaica.

The Discussion Paper and the Bill will be published on as well as on (or Members of the public are invited to submit their comments and submissions should be made no later than 15th November, 2017and should be posted to Mr. Jose Griffith, Acting Director of the Law Reform Commission, P.O. Box 1999 KY1-1104, delivered by hand to the offices of the Commission at 1st floor DMS House, Genesis Close or sent by e-mail to