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Press Releases 2009

Legal Aid Reviewers Named
Government has appointed a committee to explore the proposed independent legal services office. 15th December 2009, 2:07pm
Governor Appoints QCs
Solicitor General Cheryll Richards is among five attorneys appointed Queen's Counsel by the Governor. 25th November 2009, 2:10pm
Domestic Violence Bill Welcomed
The domestic violence bill is being introduced to enhance protection for victims. 18th November 2009, 2:12pm
Public Input Sought
The Law Reform Commission seeks comments and views on new draft domestic violence legislation. 15th October 2009, 2:15pm
Input on Charities, Trust Bills
The Law Reform Commission invites additional comments on the revised draft Charities Bill and the Trusts (Amendment) Bill. 2nd July 2009, 2:18pm
Review of Arbitration Law
The Law Reform Commission has prepared a draft Discussion Paper and invites public comment. 13th May 2009, 2:20pm
Strata Law Reform Coming
The public is invited to submit comments by 6th March 2009. 27th January 2009, 2:24pm
Charities Bill
The Law Reform Commission invites public comments on the draft Charities Bill. 27th January 2009, 2:23pm