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The Consumer Protection and Guarantees Bill, 2017
The Cayman Islands Law Reform Commission submits for stakeholder and public comment a Bill titled the Consumer Protection and Guarantees Bill, 2017. 26th October 2017, 11:55am
Accomplice Evidence
Attached for public comment is a short paper on the regulation of accomplice evidence (“Queen’s Evidence) and a Bill entitled the “Criminal Justice (Offenders Assisting Investigations and Prosecutions) Bill, 2017. 27th September 2017, 4:00pm
The Law of Trusts
Following upon recent developments in the law of trusts in other jurisdictions, the Law Reform Commission has been asked to consider to what extent the Trusts Law (2011 Revision) could benefit from amendment. 11th April 2017, 11:03am
The Law of Contempt

 15th July 2016, 10:42am
Bullying Issues

 26th January 2016, 12:10pm